The Fast Eddy Duo:
The Fast Eddy Duo consists of Keith Summers and Heath Ellis. Their music blends together the sounds from old folk crooners, the high lonesome side of bluegrass, and more modern styles of swing and down home funk interpreted through a creative 21st century lens. Keith Summers’s song writing reflects his experiences with people he has met and adventures he has had through his life. He effortlessly brings them to life while playing banjo, guitar, or accordion.
Heath Ellis keeps the songs moving with his driving bass lines. The Fast Eddy Duo’s shows consist of a blend of unsuspecting cover tunes and original compositions that they use to connect with their audiences. By sharing stories about their songs, and leaving room for the audience to participate in singing, dancing, and laughing, the duo gives the audience  a chance to forget about their lives for a while and enjoy some down-home entertainment.
Keith “Fast Eddy” Summers:
Keith Summers’ songs are a reflection of his travels, relationships, and life experiences. With roots sprouting from traditional acoustic banjo music, his songwriting blends the creative elements of John Hartford’s down home lyrics, Bradley Nowell’s comedic quirkiness toward social commentary, and Tim O’brien’s light-hearted narratives.
While playing in his newgrass band Riverbend, Keith Summers had the honor of having his song “S.L.J.” featured on Warren Miller’s Playground. He has also played on such prestigious stages as the Boulder Theater and the Fox Theater. Currently, he spends his time entertaining crowds at the finest breweries, bars, and coffee shops all along the Front Range.
Heath Ellis

Heath Ellis brings his practical bass lines to the duo and strives to keep the globe and has cultivated an appreciation for music’s place in culture. He is a firm believer of music as an instrument for social change and cultural enhancement. He is a double bassist as well as a mandolinist. His is influences are all over the map ranging from early swing to gypsy jazz and from baroque to bluegrass. Heath has an honest appreciation for musicʼs place in culture and continues to value music as expression and as an art form capable of bridging cultural divides and improving the overall human condition.

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